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Hey y'all!
I'm Lukasz

Front-end development

Responsive websites designed for both desktop and mobile. Focusing on ease-of-use, user experience and smart design.

Back-end solutions

Well-planned back-end to load web apps quickly and look smooth to visitors. Always working to optimize functionality.

Data management

Organized database to provide structure and quick access to data. Protecting information through applying security guidelines.



Don't know what to watch? Use Pick‑A‑Mov to compare movies you have in mind.

You don't have to visit IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes anymore. All details are here: actors, directors, posters, ratings included.


SpotiQuiz, a personalized music quiz for Spotify users, is here to entertain you.

Check if you know what’s currently on top, see if you recognize artists you’ve recently listened to or get on with music from your playlists.


MyScore is a project built out of my own need.

Join the community and create your scorecard to compete with friends at golf, disc golf or foot golf. Check your game history and share wins on your socials by simply posting a link.


Self-taught web developer with network engineering background. My experience and skills come from graduating a college program with a profile close to computer science and passion to coding.

HTML CSS JavaScript Git
React Node.js PostgreSQL MongoDB

I am currently looking for an opportunity to develop my skills and help a company or individuals achieve their goals in building modern websites.

If you want to find out more about me, check out my LinkedIn profile, reach out to me using the form and socials listed below or download my resume.

Python Django
HTML CSS JavaScript Git React Node.js PostgreSQL MongoDB Python Django


Let's get in touch! If you would like to reach out to me, feel free to use the email form or any of my network profiles listed below.